Working Papers of the Program for the Sustainable Management of Cahora Bassa Dam and the Lower Zambezi Valley

- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

Water resources development projects have substantially altered the hydrological regime of the Zambezi Delta. Prior to the construction of Kariba Dam on the middle Zambezi River, peak floods spread over a mosaic of vegetation communities in the 12,000 km2 Zambezi Delta – one of the largest wetland systems in southern Africa. Floodplain grasslands were inundated with floodwaters for up to nine months of the year, and many areas were saturated throughout the dry season. With the closing of Kariba Dam in 1959 and Cahora Bassa Dam in 1974, nearly 90% of the Zambezi catchment has become regulated and the natural flood cycles of the lower Zambezi River are now aphenomenon of the past.

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