Turridae [s.l.] (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 7. Subfamily Crassispirinae, section 2.

Ann. Natal Mus.

- Cabo Delgado;
- Nampula;
- Niassa

This paper deals with two genera previously referred to the subfamily Mangeliinae', namely Anacithara and Antiguraleus, and the new genus Striatoguraleus. Indeed, it was originally drafted as the third part of my revision of the Mangeliinae of southern Africa and Mozambique. However, a specimen of an undescribed Anacithara from Zululand, closely comparable with the type species of that genus, was found to contain a dried body, from which a radula was extracted. This proved to be significantly similar to that of Haedropleura Monterosato, 1883, demonstrating that Anacithara should be transferred to the subfamily Crassispirinae. The presence of an operculum is another non-mangeliine character.

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