Towards the Establishment of an Ecologically Representative Network of Marine Protected Areas in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique

The aims of this publication are: - Provide guidance on how scientifically-based representative networks of MPAs can be established and its benefits. - Generate a focus on the commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the obligations required relating to MPAs. - Review the status of the network of MPAs in each of the three countries. - Assess the effectiveness of existing MPAs in protecting marine biodiversity and contributing to sustainable livelihoods. - Identify gaps in the network at the level of the EAME and the actions needed to complete it. - Identify areas where international support is most urgently required to help these countries meet their targets and obligations.

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This publication concerns the marine protected areas (MPAs) of three countries of the Eastern African Marine Ecoregion (EAME): Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. In all three countries, a large proportion of the rapidly increasing coastal population depends on marine resources for their food and income, inshore fisheries are over-exploited and degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems is escalating. MPAs are increasingly recognised as a tool for addressing these problems.

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- Biodiversidade Marinha;
- Biodiversidade Costeira

- Relatórios, Estudos, Avaliações de Biodiversidade, Linhas de Base

- Áreas Protegidas

- Parque Nacional das Qurimbas;
- Parque Nacional de Arquipelago de Bazaruto;
- Reserva Marinha Parcial da Ponta do Ouro;
- Área de Protecção Ambiental das Ilhas Primeiras e Segundas