The Zambezi River

Large Rivers: Geomorphology and Management, Edited by A. Gupta

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

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The Zambezi rises with considerable modesty in northwest Zambia from a small spring on the gentle upland of the Southern Equatorial Divide – the watershed that separates the river from north-west-flowing tributaries of the Congo. For some 30 km, the Zambezi head-waters flow to the north, towards the Congo, but then the course swings to the south-west, around a low ridge of Karoo sandstone known as Kalene Hill. This direction is maintained for a further 200 km into Angola before the river finally turns south-eastwards to the Indian Ocean. The aim of this chapter is to provide a description of the Zambezi, with particular focus on the contrasting geomorphological character of the three sectors of the river.

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