The genus Anisomysis (Crustacea: Mysidae) from the east coast of South Africa – descriptions of three new species, and range extensions of two known species

African Natural History

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Three new species of Mysidae, of the genus Anisomysis, are described. Two of these, Anisomysis (Anisomysis) pescaprae sp. nov. and A. (Anisomysis) neptuni sp. nov., were collected on reef in at a depth of 20–40 m, within the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area, about 60 km south of Durban on the KwaZulu-Natal shelf. Both belong to the subgenus Anisomysis, and each possesses a uniquely shaped telson which immediately identifies the species. In shallow, sheltered waters adjacent to the derelict and partly submerged Vetch’s Pier in the southern corner of the Durban beachfront, the third new species, Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) sudafricana sp. nov., was found in small shoals.

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