The Florida Wetland Condition Index (FWCI): Developing Biological Indicators for Isolated Depressional Forested Wetlands

This project and the preparation of this report were funded in part by a Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a contract with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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Over 30 years ago, the federal Water Pollution and Control Act obliged states to protect and restore the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of waters, and charged states with establishing water-quality standards for all waters within state boundaries including wetlands. Criteria for defining water-quality could be narrative or numeric; and it could be addressed through chemical, physical, or biological standards. Initially, states used chemical and physical criteria (testing waters for chemical concentrations or physical conditions that exceeded criteria) and assuming losses in ecosystem integrity if the criteria were exceeded (Danielson 1998a).

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