The effects of seismic activity on marine mammals in UK waters, 1998-2000



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1,652 sightings of marine mammals (28,165 individuals) occurring during 201 seismic surveys in UK waters and some adjacent areas between 1998 and 2000 (plus two surveys in 1997) were analysed to examine the effects of seismic activity. A total of 44,551 hrs 50 mins were spent watching for marine mammals during these surveys. 2. The most frequently seen species were white-sided dolphins, white-beaked dolphins and pilot whales. Sperm whales, fin whales and minke whales were also seen with moderate frequency, with lower numbers of sightings of other species. Sighting rates of marine mammals peaked in July, with most occurring to the west of Shetland, in Rockall and in the northern North Sea.

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