The avifauna and forest vegetation of Mt. Mabu, northern Mozambique, with notes on mammals

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Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique (peak at 1710 m) lies a short distance east of the taller Mt Chiperone (2054 m), and about 90 km SE of Mt Mulanje (3002 m) in adjacent Malawi. It is clothed in an extensive undulating mantle of forest from an altitude of about 950–1000 to 1600–1650 m, estimated to cover some 60–70 km², making it the largest mid-altitude forest in Mozambique. The lower slopes are covered in transition woodland, riparian forest (down to at least 300 m), cultivation and neglected tea plantations. The latter have developed into tea forest, overtopped by Albizia adianthifolia and other indigenous trees.

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