Systematics and Biogeography of the Mozambique Thicket Rat, Grammomys cometes, in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Journal of Mammalogy

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Taxonomy of thicket rats (Grammomys) is highly provisional and the genus is in a critical need of a thorough revision. We compared G. cometes from Eastern Cape Province (n ¼ 150) with G. ibeanus, G. macmillani, and the southern African G. dolichurus, applying analyses of a partial cytochrome-b (Cytb) sequence (375 base pairs), karyotypes, and cranial morphology. Genetically, G. cometes appeared to be very close to G. dolichurus (mean sequence divergence of 3.4% 6 0.8% SE), whereas G. ibeanus and G. macmillani were separated by a mean sequence divergence of 5.4% 6 1.2%.

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