SUMMARY of Workshop: Tidal Energy and the Marine Environment

To provide an opportunity for knowledge dialogue concerning the development of tidal energy and the understanding of the interaction of devices with the marine environment and to identify the current knowledge gaps and the challenges in filling those gaps. This interaction took place between engineers, developers, modellers, regulators and ecologists. To this end the consensus was that the meeting was very successful, with a greater awareness between disciplines and that more of this type of cross discipline interaction needs to occur.

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At the spatial and temporal scales at which tidal energy will be extracted there is a general lack of knowledge of both the possible physical and biological effects due to the placement of devices. Over the last few years, the collective group within the SuperGen project has gone some way to producing mathematical models, tank models and supporting work on full scale devices like the SNAIL which can be deployed as collectors of both biological and physical information in the areas of high speed tidal currents. The detailed hydrological models are revealing that the scale or dimensions at which we view the physical process can give very different answers but that physical effects can be felt at least 7 km from the location of deployment.

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