Skipjack Tuna Fishery in the Australian fishing zone

This assessment covers fishing methods in the Skipjack Tuna Fishery (STF) by purse seine and minor line. The STF was declared an approved Wildlife Trade Operation (WTO) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) on 30 November 2005 for a period of 3 years (to 30 November 2008). A copy of the letter to AFMA, including conditions and recommendations can be found at:

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Skipjack tuna are widely distributed throughout tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The Australian fishing zone (AFZ) is at the extreme southern end of their range. Skipjack distribution in the AFZ on the east coast is from far north Queensland to Tasmania, excluding the Great Barrier Reef, off southern Australia from Kangaroo Island in the Great Australian Bight, and up the west coast to Broome.

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