Seed plants of southern tropical Africa: families and genera

- Cabo Delgado;
- Gaza;
- Inhambane;
- Manica;
- Maputo (cidade);
- Maputo;
- Nampula;
- Niassa;
- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

After the publication of Seed plants of southern Africa: families and genera (Leistner 2000) the Executive of SABONET expressed the wish to have the scope of this work extended to cover all 10 countries in which the organisation is active. In response to that wish the present project was undertaken. As indicated on the title page, it is a supplement to Leistner (2000) and it will generally be necessary to consult the two works together. During the compilation it was apparent how many plant groups are still poorly known. The present work should therefore be considered no more than a small tentative step towards that grand goal—a Flora africana.

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