Records of Some Birds and Mammals in the Central Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique and Rhodesia

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Mr. R. Chenaux-Repond, Dr. F. W. Huchzeimeyer, Mr. J. R. Shaw and the author spent the period 23 May to 3 June, 1972, hiking through the central Chimanimani Mountains in Mozambique and Rhodesia. We covered about 100 km, travelling from Dead Cow Camp to Gossamer Falls via the Mountain Hut, Camp Portage, the Mevumosi River and Gossamer Range; then back past the northern end of the Macuire Range, across the Saddle to the Southern Lakes and along the Lower Bundi to Banana Grove and Dead Cow Camp. The route lies within the area covered by Hodgson (1971) in his list of the birds of the Chimanimani Mountains, and it is to his description and map of the area that the reader is referred for details of topography and vegetation.

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