Rapid forest inventory and mapping Monitoring forest cover and land use change


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- Inhambane;
- Manica;
- Maputo (cidade);
- Maputo;
- Nampula;
- Niassa;
- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

Vegetation-based carbon offset mechanisms require reliable baseline data and effective monitoring systems. The most basic information requirements include definitions of vegetation types, spatial distribution (mapping) and biomass estimates. However increasing convergence between carbon offsets, biodiversity offsets and the valuation of ecosystem services places a correspondingly greater emphasis on the integration of species-level biodiversity data and ecological factors in such evaluations.

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- Biodiversidade Florestal;
- Biodiversidade de montanha

- Relatórios, Estudos, Avaliações de Biodiversidade, Linhas de Base

- Diversidade biológica e cultural;
- Alterações Climáticas e Biodiversidade

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