rapid assessment of the amphibians and reptiles of an unprotected area of dry deciduous forest in north Madagascar

Herpetological Bulletin

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24 species of amphibians and reptiles (1 crocodilian, 10 lizards, 9 snakes and 4 anurans) are recorded from an unprotected area of dry deciduous forest located west of the Montagne D’Ambre massif in northern Madagascar. Although the survey area is currently under threat from increasing anthropogenic activity (especially agricultural clearance and charcoal production which still require careful and continuous monitoring), the results of this rapid assessment conclude that this area does not contain any species that are in serious danger from a current conservation perspective. 22 species (91.7% of the total species) currently receive protection within Montagne D’Ambre National Park, Ankarana Special Reserve or Lokobe Strict Nature Reserve

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