On Upper Albian ammonoidea from Portuguese East Africa, With an Appendix on Upper Cretaceous ammonites from Maputoland


- Maputo

THE following paper deals with a collection of Upper Albian Ammonoidea belonging to the Transvaal Museum and kindly sent to the writer, for description, by the Director, through Dr S.H. Haughton, Hon. Curator. There are 102 specimens, including 33 ammonites and 69 heteromorphs, all from Catuane, Portuguese East Africa. These were collected by Dr E. C. N. van Hoepen, and Dr Haughton informs me that presumably they are all from one horizon. Judging by the English type-succession of the Upper Gault, the beds from which came the South African specimens here described would correspond approximately to the varicosum-t:equatoriale zones.

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