National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA)

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The occurrence of extreme climate events in Mozambique constitutes a great barrier to swift sustainable economic development due to human and material damages. The Government of Mozambique, NGOs and Humanitarian Agencies have been working to reduce the impacts of extreme events through the elaboration of various action plans and programmes. The present document includes summaries of 4 initiatves, for various economic and social development sectors, with special emphasis on the prevention of natural disasters and Alert and Early Warning Systems; the agricultural, fisheries, energy, environmental and water sectors; coastal zones; and erosion control.

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- Geral

- Avaliação do Impacto Ambiental, Planos de Gestão Ambiental, Planos de Contrabalanços da Biodiversidade, e afins

- Legal e Política (Leis, regulamentos, planos de acção de estratégias, etc);
- Alterações Climáticas e Biodiversidade;
- Ameaças à Biodiversidade

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