Molecular phylogeny inferred from mitochondrial DNA of the grouper Epinephelus spp. in Indonesia collected from local fish market

BIODIVERSITAS Volume 16, Number 2, October 2015 Pages: 254-263 ISSN: 1412-033X E-ISSN: 2085-4722 DOI: 10.13057/biodiv/d160221


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Groupers are widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical coastal waters, and are globally one of the most commercially important groups of marine fish, commanding high market price and are being heavily targeted in fisheries. Over fishing in Indonesia becomes a pivotal factor, which is seriously threatening the grouper biodiversity, as separate catch statistics are not reported for most species, and landings are often summarized as ‘serranids’ or ‘groupers’. This lack of species-specific catch data is due to the difficulty of identifying many of the species. The focus of this study was the tracking of molecular phylogeny of Epinephelus spp. of the family Serranidae.

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