Mitigation Measures for Highway-caused Impacts to Birds

USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-191. 2005

USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep.

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Highways cause significant impacts to birds in four ways: direct mortality, indirect mortality, habitat fragmentation and disturbance. In this paper I discuss highway-related impacts, and suggest solutions from a highway management perspective. Non-flying birds (either behaviorally or structurally) such as gallinaceous birds and ducklings; waterbirds such as terns; owls; ground-nesters; scavengers; Neotropical overwater migrants; frugivorous birds; and birds attracted to salt are often killed from highway-related causes. Suggested solutions include highway crossing structures, diversion poles on bridges or medians, modified right-of-way mowing regimes, road kill removal, appropriate median vegetation, among others.

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