Marine Turtles in Maputo Bay and Surroundings

In: Bandeira, S. and Paula, J. (eds.), The Maputo Bay Ecosystem.


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For more than 100 million years, marine turtles have roamed the world’s oceans. These impressive ocean navigators, although possessing biological characteristics inherent to terrestrial reptiles, have developed a number of morphological and physiological adaptations for living in the sea, such as flat and paddleshaped like flippers, streamlined body, enlarged lacrimal glands (Limpus, 1997; Meylan and Meylan, 1999; Wyneken, 2000a) and elastic lungs (Lutz, 1988). The life cycle of a marine turtle begins on the shores of sandy beaches when hatchlings emerge from nests (Meylan and Meylan, 1999).

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