Mangroves of Western and Central Africa

UNEP-Regional Seas Programme/UNEP-WCMC

- Cabo Delgado;
- Gaza;
- Inhambane;
- Manica;
- Maputo (cidade);
- Maputo;
- Nampula;
- Niassa;
- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia UNEP_WCMC_bio_series/26.htm A

There is an international consensus, expressed in the Convention on Biological Diversity, World Summit on Sustainable Development, and Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, that biodiversity at all levels – genetic, species and ecosystem – have a critical role in sustaining livelihoods and human development. They underpin and make possible all forms of economic activity. Damage to components of biodiversity have economic consequences, the impacts of which fall most heavily on the poor. In few contexts is this as clear as in the case of mangrove ecosystems and their dependent human populations.

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- Biodiversidade das águas interiores e zonas húmidas;
- Biodiversidade Costeira

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- Diversidade biológica e cultural;
- Restauração do Ecossistema

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