Local People’s Perceptions of Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study of Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

University of KwaZulu-Natal

- Maputo

This study investigated respondents’ perceptions of the Ponta do Ouro – Kosi Bay MPA. The MPA is part of the now proclaimed Lubombo Trans-frontier Conservation Area (TFCA). An interviewer - administered questionnaire was used to obtain primary data from 35 respondents, all resident in the study area and who are involved in various activities based on the coastal area and its marine resources. The focus of the study was on awareness regarding the establishment, impacts of the MPA, the setting of priorities for the MPA and lastly, respondents’ roles and responsibilities.

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- Biodiversidade Marinha;
- Biodiversidade Costeira

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- Áreas Protegidas;
- Uso Comunitário da Biodiversidade

- Reserva Marinha Parcial da Ponta do Ouro