Equitable Testing and Evaluation of Marine Energy Extraction Devices in terms of Performance, Cost and Environmental Impact: Procedures for Estimating Site Accessibility and Appraisal of Implications of Site Accessibility


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This report includes both an evaluation of procedures for estimating site accessibility and an appraisal of the implications of site accessibility for large-scale deployment of both wave and tidal stream devices and thus represents deliverables 7.4.1 and 7.4.2. Several methods are reviewed for estimating the duration of accessible wave conditions on the basis of the probability of significant wave height exceedance. One of these methods is employed to investigate how the number of occurrences of accessible conditions and the waiting on weather allowance may vary with the annual average significant wave height of a site. Wave climates with average significant wave height in the range 1.5 to 3.5 m are considered.

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