Environmental Impact Assessment For Sasol PSA And LPG Project: Botanical Diversity and Habitat Impact Assessment ADDENDUM

SASOL Petroleum Mozambique Limitada & Sasol Petroleum Temane Limitada

- Inhambane

This report is an addendum to the ‘Botanical Biodiversity and Habitat’ baseline specialist report (De Castro & Grobler, May 2014) which was compiled on the basis of a field survey conducted in February 2014. The current addendum provides the findings of a brief (4.5 day) field survey conducted between 2 and 6 May 2014 as required by the guidelines of IFC Performance Standard 6. The purpose of this addendum is to describe and discuss the findings of the May field survey, without repeating the detailed background information, baseline description and impact assessment provided in the baseline report (De Castro & Grobler, May 2014). The information provided here must be read in conjunction with the baseline report.

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