Eggs and nesting of the Mozambique Agama, Agama mossambica Peters, 1854, in Mozambique (Agamidae)

Herpetology Notes

- Cabo Delgado

During a field trip in the area of Nhica do Rovuma, northern Mozambique (10°45.36’S, 40°13.06’E) on 30 November 2009 (Ineich, 2011), I observed a female Agama mossambica Peters, 1854 laying her eggs at 10:45 am. Herein I describe the nest and indicate egg size and number. The nest was dug by the female in loose and sandy soil at about 5 cm deep only (Figure 1). Rain had just begun very slowly one day before our observation, made nearly at the end of the dry season. Even though it was not heavy rain, the soil was relatively humid that day and the rainy season was about to start soon after.

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