Effectiveness of Wildlife Crossing Structures and Adapted Culverts in a Highway in Northwest Spain


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An intensive monitoring was carried out between June and September 2002 in different passage types across a highway in NW Spain in order to determine their use by terrestrial vertebrates. We used marble dust-beds to get footprints and a complementary photographic system to identify species which cannot be distinguished by tracks. Footprint data (820 passage-days) were collected from 82 passage structures (33 circular culverts, 10 adapted culverts, 14 wide underpasses, 7 wildlife underpasses, 16 overpasses and 2 ecoducts). The number of recorded vertebrates was high (1,424 tracks, 78.8% wildlife, and 21.2% related to human activity; and 490 photographic contacts, 54.3% and 45.7% respectively). S

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