Ecological Studies on the Shores of Moçambique. The Fauna of Intertidal Rocks at Inhaca Island, Delagoa Bay.

Annals of the Natal Museum, Vol. XIV, part 2, issued November 19th, 1958.

Annuals of the Natal Museum

- Maputo

The fauna of the 2,000-mile shore line of South Africa has been extensively investigated, but very little is known of the ecology of the adjacent 1,OOO-mile stretch of the Moyambique coast of East Africa. The exposed rocks nearest to Inhaca Island, that have been described, are at Isipingo near Durban, Natal, nearly 300 miles south, and the nearest sheltered rocks in Durban Bay. Many tropical Indo-Pacific species from the coast of Moçambique have been described by taxonomists in their publications on the South African fauna. The sites selected for the investigation of the rock fauna at Inhaca may be germane to the general problem of the distribution of marine intertidal organisms.

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