Diurnal and Tidal Variation of Temperature and Salinity in the Ponta Rasa Mangrove Swamp, Mozambique

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

- Maputo

Measurements of hydrographic conditions in the Ponta Rasa tidal mangrove swamp, Inhaca Island, Mozambique were made in August–October 1994 during the winter dry season. The Ponta Rasa swamp/creek is tidally choked on account of the narrow channel that connects it to Maputo Bay and at neap tides, a sill prevents bay water entering the creek system altogether. Temperature variation in the swamp (15–25 )C) was predominantly diurnal with an additional signal due to the tidal advection of bay waters. There is no river discharge into Ponta Rasa and during the observation period, there was no significant rainfall.

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