Description of Monoleptoides gen. nov. from the Afrotropical Region, including the revision of nine species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

Bonn zoological Bulletin

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Due to their specific external and genitalic patterns, several species of Afrotropical Galerucines, most of them originally described in Monolepta Chevrolat, 1837 and Candezea Chapuis, 1879, are transferred to the new genus Monoleptoides. This group is phylogenetically well defined and comprises nine previously described species, some of them well known, abundant, and widely distributed in tropical Africa. Detailed descriptions for the generotype, Monoleptoides duplicata and redescriptions of all species, as well as an identification key are given. Collection data are recorded in detail for the 1190 specimens studied, and summarized in distribution maps.

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