Coral Reefs of Maputo Bay

In: Bandeira, S. and Paula, J. (eds.), The Maputo Bay Ecosystem.


- Maputo

The first broad narrative of coral reefs in Maputo Bay is provided by Boshoff (1958) in an account of the natural history of Inhaca Island (Macnae and Kalk, 1958). Limited coral reefs were found on the west side of the island, these being located primarily north of the Biological Research Station and within a channel draining the Saco near Ponta Torres (Figure 1). The former, known as Barreira Vermelha, was the largest and appeared to be associated with coral rubble and rock outcrops. It was estimated to be about 2 km long and a maximum of 65 m wide but was shrinking due to sedimentation at the time of publication (1958).

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