Coastal climate change mitigation and adaptation through REDD+ carbon programs in mangroves in Mozambique: Pilot in the Zambezi Delta. Determination of carbon stocks through localized allometric equations component



- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

Resilient aquatic ecosystems not only play a crucial role in binding carbon, they are also important to economic development, food security, social wellbeing and provide important buffers against pollution, and extreme weather events. While mangroves support livelihoods of millions of people in the tropics, these blue carbon sinks also sequester about five times more carbon than any forest ecosystem. These ecosystems, however, are being degraded and disappear at rates 5–10 times faster than rainforests. The Zambezi mangroves have reduced in cover by 50% between 1972 and 2002, which is significant considering that the Delta has about 50% of the total mangrove cover in Mozambique.

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