Biodiversity of the Zambezi Basin Wetlands: Review and Preliminary Assessment of Available Information

- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

The Regional Office for Southern Africa of IUCN (IUCN-ROSA), in conjunction with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), initiated the Zambezi Basin Wetlands Conservation and Resource Utilisation Project (ZBWCRUP) in 1996. This project is aimed at ensuring wise use of natural resources of the wetlands of the Zambezi Basin, focussing in particular on four project sites (the Barotse floodplains in western Zambia, the floodplains and swamps of the Chobe/Caprivi region of Namibia and Botswana, the wetlands of the Lower Shire in southern Malawi and Mozambique, and the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique).

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