Biodiversity Knowledge From the Chimanimani Trans-Frontier Conservation Area (TFCA)

- Manica

The report outlines the main biodiversity information available and the sources. It is divided into sections on vegetation, plant species, various vertebrate groups and invertebrates. Our main knowledge is outlined, i.e. what we know and what we do not know, followed by some recommendations on the major gaps from the point of view of TFCA management that would need to be addressed or filled

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- Biodiversidade Florestal;
- Biodiversidade de montanha;
- Outra biodiversidade terrestre;
- Biodiversidade das águas interiores e zonas húmidas

- Relatórios, Estudos, Avaliações de Biodiversidade, Linhas de Base

- Áreas Protegidas

- Reserva Nacional de Chimanimani