Are fiddler crabs potentially useful ecosystem engineers in mangrove wastewater wetlands?

Marine Pollution Bulletin 58 (2009) 1694–1703

Marine Pollution Bulletin

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The effect of different organic-rich sewage concentration and absence or presence of mangrove trees on the survival, bioturbation activities and burrow morphology of fiddler crabs species was assessed. After 6 months, males of both species always showed higher survival when compared to females. Crabs inhabiting pristine conditions achieved higher survival than those living in sewage-exposed mesocosms . At 60% sewage loading, fiddler crabs processed less sediment during feeding and excavated slightly more sediment than at pristine conditions. While percent volume of the burrow chambers increased at contaminated mesocosms for both vegetation conditions, burrows were shallower in bare cells loaded with sewage.

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