A New Large and Common Species Of Doris (Gastropoda, nudibranchia) from the Western Indian Ocean

Journal of Conchology

- Inhambane;
- Maputo

A new species of cryptobranch dorid nudibranch is described from the Western Indian Ocean. Doris ananas sp. nov. has previously been recorded from South Africa to Tanzania. The studied specimens were from the sub-tropical waters of southern Mozambique, from 10 to 40m deep and are frequently associated with yellow sponges. The new species is characterized by having several conical simple small tubercles surrounding each large tubercle. The integument is yellow and the top of the tubercles are pigmented in brown or black. This species distinguishes from other described taxa on both external and internal characteristics explored herein, mainly in the reproductive system, with the presence of two bags with internal spines annexed to the vagina.

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