A General Description of the Valley of the Zambezi River, from its Delta to the River Aroangwa, with its History, Agriculture, Flora, Fauna, and Ethnography

- Sofala;
- Tete;
- Zambézia

I HAVE endeavoured in the following pages to give some account of that portion of the Zambezi, and of the lands washed by its all too shallow waters, which have fallen, in the partition of Africa, beneath the sovereignty of the Portuguese Crown. It is, of course, but a part of Africa's fourth greatest waterway ; but, since the lower Zambezi is at present the doorway through which we reach the slowly awakening colonies of Nyasaland and North- Eastern Rhodesia—and even the far-away basin of the mighty Congo—it is with that portion of the river we are at present most concerned, and it will no doubt continue to claim our attention until slowly developing railway enterprise shall one day bring the remoter stretches of the great river.

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